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The brain of your smart farm.

Growlink One controllers provide increased performance, capacity, productivity, and security to help meet the growing demands of high density sensors networks and sophisticated equipment control in a modern smart farm.


Climate Control

Create the perfect growing conditions with precision control of climate systems including HVAC, fans, vents and more.


Lights & CO2

Lighting and CO2 are critical for optimal plant growth. Growlink provides automated control of supplemental lighting, shade systems and CO2.



Growlink monitors soil conditions and automates the control of irrigation systems including pumps, valves and feed systems.

Digital and Analog
IO Modules

Expand your system using Growlink digital and analog expansion modules for high-resolution data collection from third-party sensors and direct equipment control. We also provide UL listed interfacing equipment for line voltage switching.


Perfect pH Wired and Wireless IO Modules and TDS

Both wired and wireless high-resolution analog and digital inputs.


Equipment Control

Digital and analog control signal outputs to control connected equipment.


Line Voltage Interfacing

Custom designed UL panels for control of all line voltage interfacing equipment.

Custom UL Panels

Custom-built UL panels to your exact control specifications. All components are matched to the controlled loads and panels arrive fully pre-wired and tested with complete drawings and wiring instructions.

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