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Our seeds are best used within our systems and in combination with the rest of our products. This is because our seeds are optimised for our system. We believe in only promoting and selling sustainable farming practices and products and we also use and test all the products that we sell, in our own farms and grow houses.

Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds


All our seeds are clean, viable, and disease-free. They are also perfectly suited to grow in our hydroponic systems quickly and efficiently, with maximum results in the produce produced.



From baby spinach to baby basil, we have a wide variety of plants for you to choose from. The best part is that because you can control the environment you grow your plants in, there are no specific plants that will only be available in certain seasons.



We provide every product or system you could need to build your own indoor farm, no matter the size. All our products harvest their optimal results when they are combined in order to create one farming experience. This includes our seeds which are best planted in our systems, by our systems.

Growing your own plants has its advantages.

You can use many different varieties of plants not normally available; you can plan your growth process to the T so that you have plants available when you want them; and you can get satisfaction from completing the growth process of the plants yourself. With our system the plants will be grown under carefully controlled lighting and temperature conditions. 

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