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Grow your own food at home, anytime of the year.

The Little Farm

Grow the freshest, tastiest veggies, fruits and herbs in your home.  The Little Farm by Urban Cultivation. Chemical-free produce. No bugs, dirt or mess.'


The ‘Little Farm’ is the perfect piece of equipment for anyone looking into doing indoor farming at any scale. 

The LF-ONE is the safe, efficient vertical mini-farm that can be placed anywhere. It is a hydroponic system that can grow a large variety of plants - from edible and non-edible flowers, herbs, and micro-greens, to leafy greens, strawberries, and broccoli.

The LF-One


It’s called the ‘Little Farm’ for a reason. The LF-ONE’s compact size makes it easy to fit in various spaces indoors. You could fit one in your kitchen! The LF-ONE produces optimal amounts of produce because of its vertical design. The plants are stacked together vertically, making optimum use of limited space.


The LF-ONE’s frame is made from aluminium. It is strong, of high quality and looks great! Not only is the LF-ONE easy to assemble and use, but it also comes with clear instructions anyone could follow. The LF-One comes standard with a program logic controller where you can set the irrigation and LED grow light timers for automation throughout the growth process.


Vertical farms like the LF-ONE minimise water use and maximise productivity by growing crops ‘hydroponically’ in small amounts of nutrient-rich water stacked in a controlled building. Less water is used than what it would take to grow the same crops in traditional soil-based farming.


From educational projects and canteens to restaurants and homes, the LF-ONE fits in anywhere where you would like to produce healthy and nutritious plants within only 28 days of growth. LF-ONE is designed to remove contamination, without the need for pesticides or herbicides. The LF-ONE is the first of its kind in South Africa. Be a part of the future of farming by getting one of your own today.

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