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Smart Motor Controller


Expertly crafted to leverage the power of Growlink Smart Farm OS, the Growlink Motor Controller gives you remote access to control your farms vents, curtain and shades via the Growlink app and portal.


Automate your greenhouse vents, shades, and curtains!

Key Features



Set sensor triggers, timers and schedules to completely automate any motor on your farm.


Universal Motors

Control any type of reversable motor including DC , AC, and 3 Phase motors.

Wireless Control

Control wirelessly through the Growlink App as well as manual operations.

Built-In Safety

Set thresholds and limit switches all while monitoring current amp draws in real time.

Smart Motor Controller

Controls DC, AC, and 3 phase motors both locally and wirelessly. 

When paired with the Growlink OS app, the Smart Motor Controller becomes fully programmable giving you the option to set timers, triggers, and schedules.


Connected to the internet and accessible via the Growlink App.

Growlink OS Support

Improve your greenhouse automation with a Smart Motor Controller and program rules with sensor triggers, timers and schedules.


Designed and Developed in the USA

The Smart Motor Controller was prototyped and developed right here in the Growlink offices and field tested in real world grow situations.

We are always innovating and creating new products and software to bring the next greatest developments in agricultural technology.

Works with the Growlink 5-1
climate sensor

Monitor temp, humidity, VPD, CO2 and lights levels.


Use these sensor readings to create rules to automate your greenhouse and run the Smart Motor Controller when certain thresholds are met.

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