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Fertigation Skid

Feeding made simple.

Pre-assembled drop in units that can replace all of your batch tanks! The Growlink Fertigation Skid gives you remote access to control all your nutrient dosing and recipes via the Growlink app and portal.


Designed to simplify and perfect nutrient dosing.

Key Features


Easy to Install

Drop-in units are ready for immediate use. Requires only in/out plumbing connections, line voltage power and network connection.

TDS & pH Targets

Improves both crop yield and quality by throttling up and down to hit precise EC and pH targets for each recipe.

Easy to Operate

Feed memory intelligence for immediate response and the highest dosing accuracy and safety.


A single system injecting nutrients, minimizing energy consumption while conserving labor, water and fertiliser.


Easily Program Recipes in ml/Gallon

Enter recipes in ml/gallon and set your target PPM. The Growlink Fertigation System will throttle up and down in order to hit your target PPM.


Program up to 64 recipes, make adjustments to TDS and pH all from your mobile phone.


Built and supported with industry leading hardware assembled in the U.S.

Achieve the Best Yields Possible with Crop Steering

Automate the amount, frequency, and timing of irrigation to steer growth. Use data to evaluate rules performance and test new optimisations. 


Connected to the internet and accessible via the Growlink App.

Remote Access with the Growlink App

Manage your facility from anywhere, anytime from your mobile device or PC with support from the Growlink OS app. 


Adjust recipes, set timers, trigger rules, and monitor your feeding anytime from the palm of your hand.

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