Autopot Black Piping 5mm

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Piping used for both water and air pumps.

Sold per meter

3mm piping used for Arrow Drippers


5mm may be green instead of black depending on stock availability.

When designing a system, the first thing to consider is the pump you will use. Choose a Pump based on the lift (the maximum height the pump will have to move the water) the volume of the water you need to move.

Next choose the supply pipe that will transport the water from the pump to the dripper line. We stock 3mm, 5mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm diameter piping. Reducers can be used to change the pipe diameter if the size pipe that fits the Pump is different to the size of pipe you want to use in the rest of the system.

Please note that in South Africa pipe sizes are worked out on inside diameter.

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