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Atami Cocos Substrate is a growing medium comprised of high-quality coco fibres that have been washed and is ready to use immediately out of the bag.

Coco is a 100% natural product & the Cocos Substrate contains a basic plant fertiliser. The structure of coco allows the growing medium to store nutrients that are continually available to the plant.
Cocos Substrate is essentially coco fibres extracted from the mesocarp of the coconut.

Produced in The Netherlands I RHP Certified for horticulture.

Benefits a grower can enjoy from Atami Substrates:
• Airy structure
• High-quality coco
• Optimal root development
• It can absorb plenty of water in a short period and can also deliver water rapidly and abundantly.
• The root zone also has plenty of available oxygen, which keeps them active. Despite the absence of residual water, there is always enough humidity for the plant.
• Atami Cocos Substrate is produced under stringently controlled conditions, which assures quality. Atami boasts the ability to reuse it over and over again after each growing cycle.

Coconut fibres, mineral lime, calcium nitrate and NPK fertiliser 11-27-8


pH (H2O) 6.
EC (1: 1.5 H2O VV) 1.75 mS / cm
Organic Matter > 85%
Weight 17.9 kg
Dimensions 60cm x 40cm x 15mm
Moisture Content <85%
Air Content (PF1) 20%
Volume 50 Liter of Substrate
Watering Regime Manually: Daily in combination with enriched nutrient irrigation water.
Automatically: 1-8 times a day in combination with enriched nutrient irrigation water.


Available for shipping nationwide or convenient collection from our depot in Pretoria.

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