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Auto-Seeding Machine 

We develop innovative products and systems that grow crops at incredible rates in incredible spaces. Urban Cultivation International™ creates productive indoor farms that harvest healthy plants without the distress of ‘old school’ farming, using automated hydroponic farming systems.

Our auto-seeding machine saves sowing time and protects the seed. 

Using the auto-seeding machine, you can be sure that your crops are planted optimally – with exactly the right amount of space between them and within the perfect conditions for optimum growth. The auto-seeding machine also ensures that the planting process is clean, no dirt and no sand involved, so that there is no fear of contamination.

Auto-Seeding Machine


Urban Cultivation International™ ’s systems and products are designed for growing in an environment unaffected by the severe climate and weather conditions caused by nature.


Our auto-seeding machine is designed to optimise the process that takes crops from sprouting to harvesting while also increasing the produce yielded and reducing the growth cycle overall.


The auto-seeding machine is hygienic so that the farming process causes minimal hassle for the farmer while also ensuring that your crops are cleaner, safer and ready for your consumption as quickly as possible.

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