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Grow Containers

We design, build, supply and support cost-effective and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable customers to quickly convert indoor spaces into highly efficient fresh produce farms.

Grow containers ensure a durable, long-life growing solution for
your farming.

The system is designed to maintain an ideal ratio of space and airflow ensuring you of more healthy and nutritious plant growth. The automated system will also ensure that water and nutrients are used in exact quantities to avoid waste and optimise growth. The grow house also makes it easy to adapt to changes in crop variety and project scale.

Grow Houses


Show us the space you have, and we will propose the grow house perfectly suited for you. Our expert team of process engineers, fertilization experts and irrigation experts, and growth advisors will design the perfect custom size grow house for you or your business, in any location.



The grow container is designed to grow crops throughout the year, no matter the weather or climate. Your crops’ environment is unaffected by severe climate and weather conditions because you grow house controls the climate no matter the season. 


The unique racking design of our grow houses maximizes your growing area while limiting the amount of space required. Your grow house can be designed with up to 12 growing levels and increase your produce and productivity multiple times more than traditional farming. Many crops require only 15 to 20 days go from sprouting to harvesting in your growth process. Your grow house will, therefore, increase your output and lessen your growth cycle’s average time.

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